Andy Smith

Andy is an avid mountain biker. He has planned and ridden in many bike races and adventures in Canada and the US. As graduate of U of T with a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education, majoring in Exercise Physiology, Andy helps individuals achieve their potential through intrinsic motivation and goal setting.

 He has a wealth of knowledge in running fitness centers, implementing training programs and recommending action for healthier living. Having been the Fitness Director and Club Manager with the Fitness Institute in Toronto; the Founder and Director of the High Performance Specialists – an elite athlete testing and training centre that worked with a variety of athletes ranging from the NHL to the National Ballet; one of the partners at eMbody Fitness Clubs, which opened in 2010 and was run by Andy for the first two years; and taking on his newest venture – a company called MYINVIGOR, which sets out to help small businesses create a healthier corporate environments, Andy’s passion for health and fitness knows no bounds.


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