Ian Sinclair

Always the entrepreneur, Ian and his partners built and acquired a conglomerate of businesses – ranging from a consumers goods brokerage company to 5 plants in North America producing Private Label Products for all major Food Retailers, as well as a warehousing business, owning the rights of some iconic brands, real estate investments and some retail and merchandising companies. Together, they managed to build a company that started with 11 employees in 1977 to a company with more than 1,500 employees at its peak.

As the business thrived, so did the other areas of his life – family and hobbies. After being a life long runner, Ian was forced to find a new hobby that was easier on his knees – he found mountain biking! He has since competed in many 18 - 24 hour Relay Races in North America and made some crazy treks on his bike – 7 days, hut to hut, from Telluride, Colorado to Moab, Utah being the biggest. Every ride and every race backed by his family – wife, Barb, three children and three grandchildren – who are, as he puts it, “his greatest gift”.

After retiring, Ian and his wife moved to Collingwood. Using the 52-acre lot for family gatherings, outdoor hobbies and some well-deserved relaxation. Now, he has decided to open his property once a year to other avid mountain bikers. Creating 6 Hours of Gibraltar with the help of some great friends.